Xenon Group, a partner company of the Morbihan firemen

Gilles Dufeigneux took advantage of the signing of the agreement to visit Xénon Aviation. In order to reduce the number of fires and to avoid the development of fires as much as possible, the SDIS 56 "forest fire" operation order defines a certain number of actions to be carried out as a preventive measure, in particular the implementation of a surveillance network.

The provision of aircraft to conduct surveillance and command assistance operations for the SDIS 56

Within this framework, thanks to an agreement, Xénon Aviation is entrusted with certain aerial surveillance and command assistance operations (operations and training missions) undertaken by the SDIS 56. The agreement between Xenon Aviation and SDIS 56 provides for the provision of an aircraft and a pilot to the Morbihan fire department to ensure aerial surveillance of Morbihan's forest areas when hydrometric and heat conditions increase the risk of fire.

Additional support for the Morbihan fire department

Firefighters are authorized to board Xenon Aviation aircraft if they have at least level 4 training (forest fire column leader) or level 3 training in "reconnaissance aircraft for forest firefighting", and are designated by the SDIS 56 Departmental Director. The elected members of the SDIS 56 Board of Directors are responsible for ensuring that firefighters have the equipment and facilities they need to carry out their operational missions in Morbihan. Nearly 10 million euros are being invested in equipment, excluding barracks," said Gilles Dufeigneux, Chairman of the SDIS 56 Board of Directors, at the official signing of the agreement.

Xenon Aviation will provide "valuable assistance

As aerial reconnaissance tools are important, the SDIS 56 approached Xénon Aviation, a company with expertise in this field. This company will bring, on particular missions, a precious help. It is within this framework that an agreement for the provision of aeronautical means has been established between this establishment and the Morbihan fire department. This partnership will enable the SDIS 56 to have flights for prevention purposes but also during major disasters. This arrangement is in addition to the agreements signed with a company specializing in drone piloting

Xénon Groupe, partenaire d’Astrid Corre dans le cadre du Tour Aérien des Jeunes Pilotes 2022 !